Game introduction

Classic pixel style RPG, experience intense battle, global player global server. Collect and evolution, PvP battle, multi development and much more fun, all is for becoming the No.1 of all players.

Privacy Policy

In order to provide more comprehensive and diversified services and products, under the statute permission, here will collect and use your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. Manage, and provide your information to service providers or affiliates to ensure a better quality of service and to monitor and ensure that employees are absolutely rigorous and confidential in their processing of information.
1. Purpose of collecting personal data When using the Dream origin, you may be required to provide some personal information to continue to use the membership services of the Dream origin. The main purpose of collecting personal data is as follows ... see more

Game features

Reproduction of Classical Pixel Game Screen

Explore the Great Map, and Experience the Ultimate Adventure

Challenge countless branch tasks, Make up your Strongest Strategy

Common problem process of the game


How if game failed in installing?

Make sure your phone storage is over 1G, please try to delete the pack and download again, and contact the customer service to feedback later.


What if game lagging and loading overtime?

Please try to connect to low lag WIFI or stable connection. Avoid crowded place or weak signal area while using 4G signal.


What to do if unable to log-in?

RAM not enough, please try to end other softwares, and informing gameplay in stable network connection, and make sure to install the newest client.

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